10 Colors To Consider for Your Master Bathroom

With so many paint colors available, it can be difficult to choose just one! If you’re planning to repaint your master bathroom, or you’re designing your new-build home, here are some considerations for your house painting services. Paint colors are an effective way to create a mood and present your home. According to Colorlab, first impressions are formed by color alone between 62% and 90% of the time. This makes your paint color choices even more important. Even personal spaces, like your master bathroom, deserve the right colors. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular bathroom paint colors along with a few that may surprise you.

1. Bright White

White paint colors are always in style. If you’re looking to create a crisp and clean bathroom design, this is the right choice. Be careful when selecting your paint to choose the right one, as not all white paints are created equally. There are some with pink undertones, others with gray, and some with beige. This is a color that requires test blocking before application in just about every situation. Take the time to find the right undertones, and your bright white paint color will serve you well for many years to come!

2. Taupe

Shades of brown might not be your first thought when choosing a bathroom color, but they are currently on-trend. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated, yet polished look, you’ll want to consider taupe. This shade of brown matches well with complementary colors such as eggplant, navy, and pine green. Bachelors are often drawn to taupes and other shades of brown. This is a good color choice for a “His” bathroom or for a couple that appreciates quiet luxury. Don’t be afraid of considering some less-than-obvious choices when it comes to decorating your bathroom.

3. Lilac

Pale purples are consistently at the top of many homeowners’ lists when it comes to bathroom paint choices. House painting services often help their clients with color selection, and lilac is frequently put forward as a perfect choice for a master bathroom. If you’re concerned about using such a pale color, you can add some complementary trim in darker purples like eggplant and grape. Soft textiles used for your rugs and towels are another way to bring in deeper shades without overwhelming the room. Lilac paint helps to create a calm and serene environment, one that’s perfect for your master bathroom.

4. Forest Green

Green is always a popular choice for interior paint. You might find it a bit counterintuitive to paint a bathroom, usually a smaller space, such a bold and dark color. However, forest green is the perfect choice to create a calm and soothing bathroom experience. As more people work to create homes that feel like sanctuaries, bathrooms are being converted into spaces for rest and rejuvenation. Forest green also lends itself well to accessories that are inspired by nature. Your house painting services can provide a range of different greens from which to choose.

5. Mustard

This is another color that’s having a moment in interior design trends. This is a great choice to consider if your bathroom is larger than average and receives a lot of natural light. For smaller rooms, mustard is an excellent choice for trim and other accent areas. This color of paint tends to absorb light, so be aware that it can put off a matte image. A mustard paint color will give your master bathroom a somewhat formal feeling. If your type of interior design includes slipper chairs, chaise lounges, and chandeliers in your master bath, you’ll definitely want to give mustard a second look. It could be the perfect color that you’ve been searching for!

6. Navy

Navy and white are two common color combinations for all styles of bathrooms. Navy provides a clean look that just feels good. It works well with floral, stripes, and a host of other colors. If you’re not sure which color to move forward with, navy is always a good choice. It can be casual, nautical, and even whimsical. If you love crisp rooms that are functional and where the design takes a back seat, navy is an ideal choice. Try pairing it with yellow, maroon, or Kelly green. Navy is always a sure bet from any type of bathroom.

7. Sky Blue

Sky blue is a bit of a different choice than navy. It’s much more subtle and soft. This is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to transform their master bathroom into a spa-like setting. It creates a calming atmosphere that’s soothing and relaxing. There’s no reason why this color option shouldn’t be on your list of possibilities. Sky blue can be paired with navy, but is also wonderful with pale yellows, pinks, and mint greens. If you want to bring a natural feeling into your master bath, don’t overlook sky blue as a main paint color.

8. Tangerine

Not for the faint of heart, this shade of orange can elevate any bathroom to a design showcase. There’s something about using tangerine paint on your walls that just makes anyone entering the space smile. Surprisingly, it’s a color choice that works just as well in small spaces as in large ones. In fact, it’s a perfect choice to brighten up a small bathroom that doesn’t get a lot of natural light. If you want to really have a high-end design feel to the room, try using black as an accent color. You might be pleasantly surprised by how well tangerine works in your master bathroom.

9. Sunshine Yellow

A popular choice for bathrooms, and for good reasons. As the name suggests, this is a choice that’ll help make your master bathroom feel sunny and fresh. If you have a master bathroom that’s on the smaller side and maybe a little dark, choosing this paint color is an effective way to brighten things up. If you want a color that won’t overwhelm the space but provides a perfect background, this is a great choice. White is a perfect complementary choice for your textiles and tile. Sunshine yellow is always a wonderful paint color for any type of bathroom.

10. Rose

Not always a first choice for bathrooms, but is always a good one. When you let your house painting services company know that you’ve selected rose as the color for your master bathroom, they’ll want to know how intense you want the color to be. A deep rose provides a much different profile than the lighter options. If you’re not exactly sure, try some test blocks in a range of shades. This is the perfect color to use in a monochromatic color scheme. In fact, the best complementary color option for rose is another shade of pink. You can easily create a layered effect that includes the paint color, towels, and rugs. For tile work, you’ll want to consider a white marble with deep gray veins. This is a wonderful choice for a soothing bathroom environment.

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