5 Trending Colors for Dining Rooms

Nailing your dining room décor requires more than choosing the right centerpiece, silverware, and furniture. The environment you’re presenting to your guests also matters. Color selection matters greatly because the colors in your dining room help define the dining experience for your guests. So, which colors should you select for revamped dining room décor? Let’s go through the trending options so you and your chosen house painting company can implement the best scheme.

1. Clean and Neutral White Paint Is Always a Hit

You don’t have to overthink your dining room décor. If you’re looking for a paint scheme that’s guaranteed to work, you can stick with a clean white color and get your desired results. White paint for the dining room may be seen as more of a traditional choice, but there’s no denying the popularity it still has. This color scheme is still widely used in homes across the country.

A white color scheme works well for the dining room because it’s a neutral backdrop that redirects attention to other points of interest. Use the color scheme to highlight your recently purchased stylish dining room furniture. That white backdrop also looks great in pictures showcasing your delectable culinary creations. Dining room additions such as ornate light fixtures and wall pieces also benefit from the presence of the neutral white backdrop.

Consider deviating slightly from the traditional clean white color scheme by choosing a variant of the color with a bit more warmth. Alternatively, pairing it with the right decorative pieces can add some much-needed visual intrigue to that base color scheme. You don’t necessarily want to use brightly colored décor with your white dining room walls. Pieces with earthy colors are the ones that will shine best in that setting.

2. Shades of Green Elevate the Dining Room

Green has become a more popular choice for interior paint applications in recent years. Because green wasn’t a common paint choice for homeowners not too long ago, you may be hesitant to use it in your dining room. While those concerns are understandable, you can quickly put them to rest after seeing how green paint is being utilized these days.

What’s interesting about green paint is the way it’s being utilized for interior applications. One would think that such a bright color would serve as the focal point of room décor, but that’s often not the case. Instead, homeowners are using shades of green more as neutral backdrops bolstering other pieces.

Sage is probably the shade of green that works best as a neutral base color, but lighter variants also work. The earthy dimension of sage green makes it an ideal color to work with if you’re trying to create a more natural look inside your dining room. Pieces of wooden furniture look great set against a sage green backdrop, but make sure the natural elements are exposed to get the full effect. You can add some greenery to the dining tables or nearby shelves to establish that earthy theme for your dining room décor.

3. Charcoal Creates a Sophisticated Space

According to Colorlib, color is responsible for 62% to 90% of first impressions. If making a strong first impression is your goal, using charcoal paint for your dining room is an idea well worth considering. The striking appearance of charcoal black paint can leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

There is some risk involved in using dark paint for a dining room color scheme. Dark colors have an overwhelming presence, so they can completely take over the room. Smaller dining rooms may be consumed by dark paint, so you want to establish some balance. Using charcoal paint makes sense because it has a bit of lightness that prevents it from overwhelming interior environments.

The refined appearance of charcoal paint can also be an asset for your dining room. It lends itself easily to a sophisticated design scheme featuring high-end pieces of furniture. Dining room chairs with gold or wooden accents play well with the charcoal paint. A chandelier can also be a tasteful addition to that dining room décor.

Charcoal is also an interesting color to work with because it combines easily with numerous other paints. You can play with charcoal’s similarities to black and feature the classic black-and-white combo inside your refreshed dining room. Yellow is another color that meshes well with charcoal, and its brighter variants create spectacular contrast. If your wooden walls are still in good condition, you can also leave them bare so they can enhance the appearance of the charcoal paint.

4. Versatile Blue Allows for Dining Room Experimentation

Are you looking to paint your dining room blue because it’s your favorite color? There’s nothing wrong with that choice, but you’ll have to be more specific while speaking to a house painting company. Variants of blue paint provide very different looks. You have to be more specific to get your desired color scheme.

A lighter shade of blue, like powder blue, would work well as a somewhat neutral base for your dining room décor. Lean into powder blue’s lightness if you plan to feature it prominently. Use natural lighting to accentuate the powder blue scheme. Pairing the powder blue color with dark pieces of furniture will also lead to a more visually pleasing result.

Use a deeper shade of blue if you’re looking to establish a bold design scheme for your dining room. Royal blue certainly qualifies as a bold choice, but you can make it work. The key is to use other richly colored elements to create a harmonious scheme. Deep blue and natural lighting also work well together, so don’t forget to open some curtains before leading guests into your dining room.

5. Lively Pink Brightens up the Dining Experience

Last but not least, we also suggest using pink paint to round out your dining room décor. Unlike some of the trending colors we’ve already recommended in this article, you don’t want to use just any variant of pink inside that space. Bright pink is simply too strong of a color for that application. It will drown out other decorative elements in the room and produce a lackluster result.

Light pink is the way to go if you’re refreshing your dining room décor with the help of a house painting company. Playing around with colors is the key to getting the most out of light pink paint. Don’t be afraid to add colorful accents to your dining room with light pink paint as your backdrop. Whether the colorful accents come in the form of furniture, light fixtures, or table decorations, they should all work inside your light pink dining room.

The only disadvantage of using pink is it doesn’t work as well for formal setups. You’re better off using white or charcoal for your formal dining setup because they provide a more sophisticated feel. For a casual dining room or entertaining space, you’ll still have a hard time finding a better and more fashionable option than light pink.

Recent trends in dining room design provide plenty of inspiration when it comes to color schemes. You cannot go wrong with any of the color choices recommended in this article. Ensure your new dining room color scheme is executed properly by working with professional painters. Contact Sucro Painting today and allow our house painting company to transform your dining room!