5 Trendy Colors to Paint Your Kitchen

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Getting the best paint job is all about choosing the right colors. According to Real Estate News, the top three most popular kitchen paint colors in 2022 were white, green, and blue, but these aren’t the only options to consider for your home. If you’re looking for some interior painting inspiration, check out these five trendy paint color ideas for your kitchen.

1. Olive Green

It might seem a little unorthodox, but olive green is a great color for your kitchen. This color is nice because it’s not too bright or too dark, and it gives your kitchen a peaceful, natural look. Olive green also pairs nicely with various types of natural wood, as well as stainless steel and granite countertops.

2. Pale Blue

In a bit of a throwback to the 1950s, pale blues are becoming a popular choice for interior painting again. Most people don’t opt for the robin egg blue that you commonly see in retro appliances, but a nice pale blue can add some color to your kitchen without going overboard.

3. Midnight Blue

If you prefer something a little darker, midnight blue is also a common choice in modern kitchens. Midnight blue can almost take on a black appearance in the right light, which means it offers great contrast with lighter parts of your kitchen.

4. Eggplant

Purple probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for a kitchen color, but look at some pictures of eggplant paint in a kitchen before you make the final call. Eggplant is actually very mild for a purple, and the result is a gorgeous color that really adds a lot of swanky style to your kitchen.

5. White/Cream Combinations

Whites and creams are common kitchen colors, but the new trend is to combine them with darker shades. Pairing white or cream paint with accents of midnight blue or eggplant can give your kitchen a unique look with lots of contrast. You can combine these colors with just about any hue, so don’t hesitate to get creative.

Painting your kitchen is a great way to give it a fresh update, and it all starts with choosing a suitable paint color. These five colors are just a few of today’s popular kitchen paint trends. If you need help painting your kitchen or choosing the right color, give Sucro Painting a call today.