8 Colors That Will Be Trendy in 2024

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If you have a major interior painting project coming up in the next year, you might be wondering which colors are going to be trendy in 2024. According to Camille Styles, in 2023, top choices for interior paint colors centered around palettes composed of greens and blues. In 2024, those two colors are forecast to remain popular, with a few different twists. Your local house painters will be able to provide some direction and help you add your own personal touch to these trendy hues. The trends in 2024 are all about comfort and creating a home environment that provides a respite from today’s hectic and often overwhelming world.

These eight colors are the ones getting the most buzz as we all prepare to start a new year. The themes for 2024 are comfort, hominess, and security. The palette is darker, and a touch more dramatic. There’s less emphasis on light colors, but jewel tones will still be seen a lot. Olive green is one of the stand-outs, with many color experts predicting that this will be the year for that deep, calming color. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Pastels

If you want to brighten up any room, pastels are a perfect choice. Today’s trendy pastel shades are more lavender than cotton candy. It’s a more sophisticated take on some long-standing favorites. Pale yellows, lilac, and mint green, all in more muted tones, are what’s hot right now. You can coordinate pale pastels with deeper shades as accent colors. This approach will give you a bright and cheerful look while still remaining on-trend. Don’t back away from bright colors completely; just choose the more elegant tones to stay up-to-date. We love lavender paired with pale, pale yellow, and off-white accents.

2. Red-Oranges

2023 was the year of spicy reds. Those colors will remain popular in 2024 as well. Think of dusty reds rather than those that are bright and sometimes overwhelming. Reds with brown and gray undertones rather than blue influences will be the more popular options. These red-orange shades are perfect for dining rooms and other entertaining areas. It’ll elevate the feeling in the room to something more formal. For 2024, the vibe is comfort and ease. Choose a red that’s elegant but not unapproachable. 2024 paint color trends are centered around darker colors that are more saturated rather than bright. Pair your reds with one of this year’s other top colors, brown.

3. Pinks

You can expect to see a lot more pink in the coming year. While the bubblegum pink might be a bit overwhelming for most people’s interiors, the color can be reimagined in a number of different ways. One of our favorites is the dusty rose shade that’s perfect for bedrooms and other quieter spaces. If you love pink, there’s a wide variety of shades and tones to choose from. The bubblegum pink that’s taking over TikTok and other internet spaces is a perfect accent color for folks who love this hue in small doses.

4. Moody Reds and Burgundy

Dark colors are going to rule the day in 2024. In the red family, you can expect to see a lot of deep reds like burgundy and maroon. The growing popularity of these dark colors is showing many homeowners just how well they can work in a variety of spaces. Many people fear that painting a room with a dark color will make it feel cramped and closed in. However, this isn’t always the case. When you work with professional house painters, you can get some advice on how to best approach this trend. We love the cozy feeling dark reds give to hang-out areas like media rooms and living rooms. Don’t be afraid to explore a deep red in one of the rooms in your home. Red and brown work well together, but that’s just the beginning. Deep purple is a surprisingly apt match for burgundy to get a look that’s both dramatic and cozy.

5. Deep, Dramatic Blues

As stated above, blue was one of the top two colors in 2023, and there’s no sign that its popularity is waning. However, instead of traditional blue hues, you’ll find 2024 filled with more dramatic shades. From deep purple-infused dark shades to lighter blues with gray undertones, there are a lot of exciting blue colors coming into play. These blues are perfect for living areas where you want a touch of something new but don’t want to get overly trendy. Blue is always in style, and combining blues and greens remains a popular palette for interiors. If you take this approach, a fun and unexpected accent color, like silver, will complete the look flawlessly.

6. All Shades of Brown

If you loved how popular brown has been this past year, you’re going to love 2024! Browns are everywhere, it seems. The trend for brown in 2024 is leaning toward taupe and other shades with a lot of gray undertones. You’ll find many kitchen cabinets in these shades as well as living and dining rooms. If you want an earthy feel to your interior, check out today’s most popular brown shades. You might be surprised by just how versatile they are. This is a color that will work well with most interior design aesthetics and both traditional and contemporary architectural styles. Pair your brown shades with deep greens for a nature-inspired palette.

7. Warm Whites

Unless you’re updating your kitchen, bright whites are pretty much yesterday’s news. In the coming year, whites will have softer undertones, with a lot more pink. This change makes them a lot warmer and more welcoming. If you want to give your living spaces a brighter appearance, use white for the trim. Off-white, creams, and softer shades of white will be the go-to standards in the coming year. These shades offer a sense of elegance while brightening up areas where there’s not a lot of natural light or space. White is still one of the standard foundation colors for many palette options. Warm white shades are perfect with any other color, but for a more interesting and textured look, try putting a few different shades with similar undertones together.

8. Dark, Rich Greens

Who doesn’t love green? Just like blue, this was a top color in 2023, and it will also be one of the trendier shades for 2024. In the coming year, olive green is projected to have a major moment. Dark, rich greens can envelop a room and make it feel like the coziest place on earth. Dark green is perfect to pair with earth tones and elevated neutrals. It’s a soothing color that can work in almost every room in the house. We love it for dining rooms and other areas of the home where there’s a bit more of a formal feeling. But really, green works everywhere. Olive green is expected to be one of the trendiest new kitchen colors. It works for most styles from farmhouse-inspired looks to contemporary minimalism. Expect to see a lot of olive green kitchen cabinets in the coming months.

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