Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Finished Basement

A finished basement should be used for more than storage. After pouring significant resources into basement finishing, you can turn that part of your home into a comfortable living space. Of course, you cannot call your basement truly finished until it gets a fresh coat of paint. Determining which colors house painting contractors should apply to your finished basement is easier said than done. Follow the tips detailed in this article to make the selection process easier.

Base Your Color Choice on the Finished Basement’s Purpose

The most important consideration when choosing a paint color for your finished basement is that room’s intended purpose. Basements can be turned into different types of living spaces, so you have numerous options to consider. You can keep it as a personal space or open it up for others.

If you’re planning to turn your basement into a personal space like a gaming room or home gym, you can stick to colors you like. Narrow your selection to your favorite colors and pick the best option for your basement. You have to expand your color options if you’re transforming your basement into a communal space. Talk to your painting contractors and hear what they have to say about the trendy colors that could work for your basement.

You can also use paint color to establish a distinctive atmosphere for your basement that fits its intended purpose. Once again, you must consider that room’s purpose to figure out what type of atmosphere you should establish. Some colors are best suited for relaxation and casual enjoyment. Other colors are better for creating excitement and getting the blood pumping.

Choose a Color That Suits the Size of Your Finished Basement

Maximizing the potential of your basement is only possible if you finish it according to its dimensions. Unfortunately, the size of your basement can limit your color choices. Acknowledge that before painting, to ensure your chosen color scheme is a good match.

Smaller basements are more limiting in terms of color choices. Darker colors will make your finished basement look and feel smaller. Your dark-colored basement will feel even smaller once you start filling it with furniture and decorative elements.

Light colors work best for smaller basements. Those lighter tones can create the illusion of space and make your basement feel more open. If you’re looking to create a cozy space using light colors, you should choose the paint options with earthy tones. Certain shades of white, sage green, and light brown are good choices for that particular application.

The restrictions are lighter if you have a big basement. The dark colors should complement your big basement just fine. Dark-colored paints are also great for creating intimate spaces. Keep that in mind if you intend to turn your finished basement into a bedroom or reading library.

Account for Your Home’s Established Color Scheme

Many homeowners put plenty of thought into their color choices. They seek input from interior designers and house painting contractors to ensure they select the right colors. After investing a lot of money to get your current color scheme, you may see no reason to deviate from it. Feel free to go in that direction if you so please.

You can replicate the color scheme for your living room in your basement. Replicating your established color scheme shouldn’t be an issue if you work with professional painters. Sticking to the same paints you used before is a good idea if you still like how they look. Alternatively, you can use your basement as a sort of testing ground for new paints if you want to see them in action.

Building on your home’s color scheme is an option, but you can also use that as the basis for trying something new. For instance, you can create a visual contrast between your finished basement and the rest of your home. If you followed a more traditional color scheme for your living room, you can try something with a more contemporary feel this time around.

Consider Your Finished Basement’s Lighting Situation

You must consider lighting when determining your finished basement’s color scheme. More specifically, you should consider what light sources are available inside your finished basement. Are you relying solely on artificial light sources, or can natural light also reach that part of your home?

Light color schemes generally pair better with natural lighting. Your white or sage green basement will shine even more, thanks to the presence of sunlight. Of course, natural light still works with dark color schemes. The contrast from that combination can give your finished basement a new design dimension.

So, how should you paint your finished basement if you can only use artificial lighting in that part of your home? You should look at the darker or bolder colors because they mesh better with artificial lighting. They have a strong enough presence to withstand the effects of artificial lighting, and they should still enhance the appearance of your finished basement.

Select a Paint Color With Property Value in Mind

Finishing your basement creates additional living space for you and your family. However, a finished basement can be an asset for more than just the members of your household. If you have plans to move in the future, finishing your basement is a great way to increase property value. Prospective buyers may be willing to put forth more substantial bids after they get a good look at your finished basement.

Remember that when you’re choosing a paint color for your basement. Going with the colors you want is certainly an option, but you can also cater to potential buyers by adopting a different design philosophy. If you’re looking to sell your home sooner rather than later, designing your home with other people in mind is a logical approach.

According to Opendoor, interior painting usually yields a 107% return on investment. That’s a substantial you could miss out on if you fail to paint according to the preferences of likely buyers. Identifying the paint colors that potential buyers will like is a tough task to handle by yourself. Make that task easier by reaching out to painting contractors and checking their feedback.

Pick the Paint Color Chosen by Your Contractors

The considerations detailed in this article should give you a clear idea of what color you should feature in your finished basement. Still, you may not be able to make a decision after going through this process. If that’s the case, you may be better off listening to your house painting contractors.

They should be able to provide recommendations after looking around your finished basement. Your painting contractors can note all of the considerations in this article and provide a shortlist of the top options. The top options will likely include white, light blue, sage green, beige, and gray. Pick your favorite from those popular paint options and ask your contractors to start applying it to your finished basement.

A basement is not truly finished until it gets a fresh coat of paint. Given the impact your color choice can have on your finished basement, you must take the time to weigh all the relevant factors before making your final decision. We can also help you make that choice. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you pick the best paint color for your finished basement!