Creative Shades of Blue and Green to Consider for Your Bedroom

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Blue and green are fantastic colors for the bedroom, but choosing the right shade can prove tricky. Some shades can come across too dark for a bedroom. Which shades of blue and green will work best with the décor you have? Will it complement the current color theme in your bedroom? These are just two of the questions you’ll need to answer if you’re planning to update your sleeping area and use blue or green (or both!) to add color and tranquility.

Chances are you’ll be working with a professional house painting company, and although they’d be able to give you some advice on this matter, it’s best to do some research about the best shades for your bedroom.

Blue Shades

Blues and greens are very popular choices for home painting in 2023, according to Camille Styles, so you definitely can’t go wrong with these two colors. First, we’ll look at the blue shades.

1. Indigo

You can create striking walls with indigo walls and white décor for a beautiful contrast.

2. Royal Blue

Combine royal blue and burgundy for a truly luxurious and stylish bedroom.

3. Powder Blue

For a soothing bedroom, go with subdued powder blue walls with small points of contrast with the decorations.

4. Cobalt

Cobalt walls can lend your room a playful appearance, but when combined with bronze, your room can feel quite luxurious.

5. Cyan

This light color can be just as glamorous as the darker shades, and when paired with white or black, it looks absolutely stunning.

6. Navy Blue

When combined with cognac, navy blue will give your room a sophisticated and timeless look and feel.

Green Shades

1. Olive Green

Olive green can transform your room into a more lively and funky space, which looks amazing with colorful silk floral linen.

2. Mint Green

Any good house painting company will recommend mint green for a modern yet sophisticated bedroom.

3. Seafoam Green

For a truly breathtaking bedroom, opt for seafoam green walls decorated with bright, gorgeous flowers.

4. Jade Green

Jade green walls and contrasting décor in black or white will make your bedroom feel lush and glamorous.

5. Emerald Green

You can never go wrong with emerald green walls and golden accents, especially if you want an elegant and luxurious bedroom.

6. Forest Green

Forest green walls will lend your bedroom a more natural vibe and make it feel like a private sanctuary.

Now that you know more about all the fabulous shades of green and blue you can use to improve the ambiance of your bedroom, it’s time to give us a call. Here at Sucro Painting, our team of painting professionals will work with you to ensure that you’re getting precisely the type of paintwork you want on your property. Let’s get started!