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Your garage floor is one of the hardest-used surfaces in your home. Not only does it need to handle the weight of tires and the friction of constant walking, but it also needs to be resistant to stains and spills. While a concrete floor remains popular, the truth is that concrete can’t really handle the stresses of normal garage use. It absorbs oils, stains, and other chemical spills and can crack easily if hit at the right angle.

An epoxy garage floor offers an excellent alternative to traditional concrete surfaces that is better-looking and more durable. If you’re embarrassed about the state of your existing garage floor, epoxy garage floors may be a better option for your home. Call us at Sucro Painting to see how we can help.

Epoxy Floors
Epoxy Floor

What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?

Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardener that cures into a thick, stable coating that’s durable and long-lasting. Unlike typical garage floor paints that dry as a thin layer on top of the concrete surface, epoxy garage floors cure in a thicker layer and bond to properly prepared concrete.

A garage floor epoxy coating is so appealing because the base resin is transparent, so that the sky’s the limit when it comes to finishes. You can choose from solid colors to faux marble—or anything in between. You can even choose your gloss layer — if you’ve ever wanted a showroom floor in your home, epoxy is the way to go.

The Benefits of Using an Epoxy Floor Coating for Garage Flooring

While epoxy garage floors are some of the most expensive flooring options, their benefits make the cost worthwhile. Concrete surfaces may be cheaper per square feet initially, but their need for constant maintenance and care can make them an expensive proposition over time.

Some of the most notable benefits of epoxy garage floors include:

Garage Floor Epoxy Services


Epoxy floors are not only hard but also resilient to most of the wear and tear found in a garage. They are stain-resistant and can resist chemical spills with ease. They are impervious to hot temperatures (up to 300 degrees F), contain a UV-resistant compound to prevent bleaching, and resist abrasions due to walking. With minimal maintenance, a well-installed residential epoxy floor can easily last 30 years or more.


Epoxy floors come in a massive range of textures and finishes, from completely matte to completely gloss, and in any color or pattern you can imagine. Combined with the fact that epoxy is easy to clean, you can have a showroom-worthy floor in your garage with minimal effort.

Epoxy Floor Design
Epoxy Floor


In addition to high heat tolerance, epoxy floors also offer other safety features. Many contain a slightly textured finish that reduces the chance of slipping and falling, even when the floor is wet.

While epoxy garage floors are an appealing proposition, it’s vital to work with a reputable installer. Incorrect installation can result in a shortened lifespan, less durability, and a less-than-perfect finish.

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