How Does Cabinet Refinishing Differ From Repainting?

cabinet refinishing

According to Kitchen Infinity, the kitchen is the most popular room in a home to remodel, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to making your home more enjoyable to live in, a kitchen remodel can provide a great return on investment for your house’s resale value. They offer an 81% ROI for even a minor remodel, according to Zillow. Hiring professionals for cabinet refinishing is one of the best upgrades to consider for your remodeling project. However, it’s important to understand exactly what cabinet refinishing is and how it differs from repainting.

What Is Cabinet Refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing involves making changes to the look of your cabinets without replacing the cabinets themselves. The base and doors of a cabinet will remain in place, much like they would with cabinet painting. What sets refinishing apart from repainting is that a paint job simply covers the cabinets in an additional coat of paint, whereas refinishing involves removing a cabinet’s old finish and adding a new one.

The Cabinet Refinishing Process

The first thing a professional will do when refinishing cabinets is to sand them for a clean surface. It’s important to sand the cabinets until they’re completely smooth to ensure that the primer or stain will adhere to them properly. Then, they’ll add the finish of your choice. Cabinet finishes come in a variety of styles, including smooth finishes, crackle finishes, antique finishes, and professional distressing. You can choose the texture and color that best match your desired look for your kitchen.

Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is a worthwhile investment for homeowners remodeling their kitchens for multiple reasons. You can enjoy a fresh new look while still saving the cabinets you know and love. The lack of waste involved in the refinishing process also makes it an eco-friendly option. Refinishing projects are additionally relatively quick, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your updated cabinets. Refinishing also provides a classier, more polished appearance than a simple paint job.

If you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of newly refinished cabinets, contact Sucro Painting today to schedule an estimate on our cabinet refinishing services. Our highly skilled team can transform your kitchen into a work of art that you’ll adore. We look forward to working with you!