How the Color of a Room Affects Your Mood

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Never underestimate the relevance of color theory and mood, especially its impact on your home. Many studies have shown how color affects the way the human brain reacts to its environment. Color can make us feel hungry, sleepy, depressed, or energized. In fact, according to Colorlib, up to 90% of first impressions are based on color alone. Color and mood are something to consider when utilizing house painting services.

Neutral Colors

While some people may think neutral colors like white, gray, and beige are boring, that couldn’t be farther from the case. These colors can create a sense of serenity and sophistication without being overwhelming. That’s why you often see them used in bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, neutral colors don’t have a drastic effect on your mood. In other words, they’re great for harmony as well as utilizing more bold-colored furniture and accessories.

Warm Colors

When you’re ready to stimulate activity like hunger, alertness, or excitement, warm colors are the way to go. That’s why you’ll notice fast food places often have reds, yellows, and oranges, so you’re more than likely to eat up a storm. Such bold color is also great for art studios or an accent wall in a living room where you can add a splash of color and energy when needed.

Cool Colors

When it’s time to create a relaxing environment, ask your house painting company to reach for the blues and purples. If you want to create a spa-like bathroom in the master bedroom or a meditation room, these colors are the right choice.

Vibrant Colors

Do you like bold colors like neon pink and lemon yellow? These colors take warm hues to another level and are great for energizing any space where active children or artists will spend a lot of time. Take advantage of such boldness in moderation by using an accent wall to counterbalance a neutral color like white.

Colors affect us anywhere we are in the world. That’s why you should carefully think about the colors you want your local house painting company to use in your home. You spend most of your time at the home, so you want to ensure you can create the ideal mood you’re going for. Stick with a set color theme or change things up in specific rooms. Contact our Sucro Painting today for a consultation.