How to Paint Your Home Without Breaking HOA Rules

house painting

According to RubyHome, the number of US residents who reside in HOA communities exceeds 74 million. With the many benefits that come with living in an HOA community, there also come some potential drawbacks. In most of these neighborhoods, there are numerous rules, among them stipulations on what color you can paint the exterior of your house. Dealing with HOA rules is frustrating at times, especially when it comes to matters of personal taste and preferences. However, no one wants to get on the wrong side of their HOA board! Today, we’ll provide some tips on house painting without breaking any HOA rules.

Review the Rules of Your HOA

Generally speaking, the exterior paint colors that are allowed in your HOA should be evident after a drive-through of the neighborhood. Most HOAs limit the color palette to neutral colors that mesh well together. Taking the time to review the covenants for your community is an effective way to avoid headaches down the line. Also, if you are at all unsure if your desired color is permissible, double-checking with the HOA board prior to painting can help prevent you from having to repaint your home. Referencing your HOA rules and regulations is an important starting point, and doing so can save you unnecessary angst in the future.

Hire an Experienced House Painting Company

When it comes to staying within the boundaries of the HOA rules for exterior paint colors, the simplest solution is to hire a house painting company that is familiar with your neighborhood. House painting teams are very familiar with the rules and regulations imposed by HOA communities. If your HOA is very strict, or you just don’t want to deal with any ambiguity when it comes to paint colors, work with a team close by. Experienced painting companies know how to best navigate fraught discussions concerning exterior paint colors. You can rely on professionals to help you through the process rather than having to go through it alone.

Our team is here to help you with all of your painting needs, both exterior and interior. We can help you with the paint selection process and work to ensure that it’s in line with the expectations and protocols of your HOA. Contact Sucro Painting today to discuss your project and receive an estimate.