How to Prepare to Have Your Home Painted

house painting

Few investments can improve the value of your home as affordably as new paint inside and out. According to Comfy Living, about 55% of U.S. homeowners intend to paint their homes in the near future. Well-planned house painting can help to make your home look new while boosting its curb appeal and value. If you are among the many planning to paint your house, the following preparations will help to ensure the pros are able to get the job done right.

Remove Curtains and Wall Hangings

Walls generally hold lots of household items, including curtains, curtain rods, and various wall hangings. You need to remove those items to help protect them against damage and ensure you can find them after the interior is painted. If you have items attached to the outside of your home, such as a basketball backboard and hoop, you should remove them, too. Then the painting crew can focus on painting the walls and not moving items.

Clear Rooms and Cover Furnishings

You need to clear out as much stuff as possible to make ceilings and walls accessible for the house painting crew. You should remove any area rugs that might be on the floor to protect against paint spray or drips. Removing furniture the day before a room is scheduled for painting and coving up any items that you cannot move will help the crew quickly paint the room while doing quality work.

Protect Your Appliances and Electronics

Appliances and electronics that you have in various rooms might suffer damage if you leave it up to the paint crew to move or work around them. Large TVs, audio systems, and computer stations should be moved to prevent damage and enable the house painting crew to access the walls and ceilings more readily. If you cannot move an appliance, you should do your best to cover it safely and protect it against wet paint, ladders, and other gear that might be used to paint the interior. Taking down any removable shelving also helps to give the painters better access to the surfaces upon which they will work.

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