Your Garage Needs Epoxy Flooring: Here’s Why

how epoxy flooring is done

If you own a garage, you know how damaged its floor can get while you work on cars and other projects. Is there a way to keep this floor safe from serious damage without cutting too much into your bank account? Epoxy flooring is an excellent option for your garage that can provide the long-term benefits that you need and protection that you can afford. Let’s discuss this type of floor, its many benefits, and how epoxy flooring is done to help you make a smart choice.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Before discussing the many benefits of epoxy flooring for your garage floor, let’s take a look at what it is and how epoxy flooring is done to ensure you understand it properly. Epoxy flooring is a type of coating that provides an attractive and durable finish that will ensure your floor stays strong. It is typically applied by a team of professionals who use various brushes and application machines to spread epoxy smoothly and evenly over your floor.

This approach is just one reason why the floor coating market has expanded so much in recent years. According to Allied Market Research, the worldwide floor coatings industry should reach a market value of at least $5.5 billion by 2030. Thankfully, this means that there should be a professional near you who understands this process and how to provide it for your home! Furthermore, they can discuss the benefits below in more depth to ensure you’re comfortable.

Benefit One: Long Life

Are you looking for a flooring type that will last as long as possible while keeping your garage strong and secure? Epoxy flooring is a great choice because it will last for many years before you need to upgrade it. That’s a huge benefit because it means your work will be only minimally interrupted.

That’s because you won’t have to stop work, move out your tools, and let a professional apply epoxy flooring to your garage every few years. Instead, you can wait much longer and stay more focused on your work. In this way, it can save you time and money (more on that last benefit later).

Benefit Two: Very Resistant to Damage

Working in a garage is fun but can be a very messy experience. You’re likely to spill things like coolant, oil, grease, and even gasoline throughout your garage as you work. Thankfully, epoxy flooring is very resistant to this type of damage and will keep your floor strong and secure for a long time.

Even better, it can resist staining very well, meaning that you can wipe up fluids and other spills quite easily without having to worry about a stain developing. Furthermore, these floors typically hold their shine for a very long time, even if they do get stained. As a result, you can retain the beauty of your garage floor for many years.

Benefit Three: Aesthetically Attractive

You might not think about the appearance of your garage floor very often. However, it plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your garage, and an unattractive aesthetic can make you enjoy the time you spend in your garage less.

Epoxy creates a naturally attractive appearance that can make your garage more appealing and enjoyable. This can help establish a more motivating environment to work in.

Benefit Four: Highly Durable

Here’s the thing about epoxy flooring: it’s far more than just stain-resistant and attractive. It can also resist various types of damage and stay strong for years to come. For example, grease, oil, and gasoline spilled on your garage floor could easily damage many types of flooring. However, epoxy is very durable and will avoid wearing away that easily.

Just as importantly, this durability can ensure that you don’t need to make spot repairs to your epoxy to keep it strong. It’s typically not a great idea for amateurs to make even small repairs to their flooring, but you don’t want to pay for professional repairs if you can avoid it. The lack of damage associated with epoxy flooring will help you save money in the long run.

Benefit Five: Inexpensive

If you run a commercial garage, you probably need to strike a careful balance to keep your business profitable. For instance, you may have a limited budget for floor maintenance and need to make your money stretch as far as possible. Thankfully, epoxy flooring is inexpensive and very cost-efficient compared to other types of sealants.

For example, it not only costs less than some types of sealants but also lasts far longer. As a result, your cost-to-benefit ratio is very high, meaning that you’re spending less money to get more benefits. Even better, since epoxy is so durable and long-lasting, you’re not likely to need maintenance upgrades to keep it strong.

Benefit Six: Easy to Install

Have you held off on adding various garage-floor sealants because they simply take too much time to install? This is understandable, but fortunately, epoxy flooring is among the simplest and easiest flooring types to install. It should take very little time to install the epoxy and wait for it to dry.

This fast installation means that your work is only minimally interrupted. If you run a commercial garage, you might only have to shut down for a half day while your installation team does its thing. Even better, depending on when your business runs, you might be able to get professionals to install epoxy flooring outside your work hours, meaning you won’t lose any business at all!

Benefit Seven: Easy to Maintain

Have you heard horror stories from other garage owners about hard-to-maintain flooring sealants that end up seeming like more trouble than they’re worth? You won’t have any of these problems with epoxy; it’s extremely easy to maintain. In fact, you don’t have to do much more than regularly sweep and clean your floors.

Since you’re probably already getting your garage floor cleaned regularly anyway, you don’t have to do much extra work to keep your floors strong! This approach is important to consider because you probably don’t have time to fuss over specialized cleaning techniques. As there are basically no extra steps you need to take, epoxy flooring can save you even more time and money.

Benefit Eight: Ecologically Friendly

Are you worried about the impact that your garage work has on the environment? That’s understandable, and thankfully, epoxy flooring provides an environmentally safe flooring solution! It uses safe chemicals and other ingredients to produce a strong and effective sealant.

Just as importantly, this sealant will last longer than other types, meaning that it can save you money in the long run. Plus, unlike many other flooring installations, you won’t have to worry about pollution with epoxy flooring. As a result, it’s one of the best options for people who are concerned about the planet.

Now that you understand how epoxy flooring is done and what benefits it offers, it’s time to contact Sucro Painting to get started on the installation process. Our team will sit down with you and explain the unique advantages of this flooring option. We’ll also highlight a myriad of different factors that might improve your flooring experience, such as your floor’s overall size, shape, and texture. With our help, you can protect your garage floor and keep it strong and stable.